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Sponsor me with Cash donations, Bitcoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies!

For Cash donations, select either Cash App or PayPal to send money directly.

To generously sponsor me with crypto currency, simply scan the QR code for the coin you wish to send or copy and paste my public address into your preferred method of sending coins.


Not sure what crypto currency is?



When you choose to sponsor me with crypto currency, you are agreeing that you have a firm understanding of how the blockchain works and understand that once a transaction has been sent, it is irreversible. 


There is no customer support with crypto currency.


You agree that you understand which address you are sending your coins to and that said address supports the coin.


Please note that your sponsorship goes directly to supporting the CARZRFUN Team and your sponsorship, however, is not a tax-deductible donation.

Cash App



Cardano / ADA


ADA Address: addr1qyljgvq7qffvzy6v99ulgg92dnj8jqld6v6vgpvg7uh658euhhq8gcjhh6ywdmd65hrl5ehea7sc9eln79grcd7ssvasatpuz6


Coinbase Address: 0x9e6de6731A9B1ade5565f3688278a4779Ba9099E



Bitcoin / BTC

Coinbase Address: 3JDnygLg6VmtXHkZp2EH5gX4bU8vQrnfMr

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